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Follow These 2 Simple Steps to Start Watching Sports Now:

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    Download & Install Free Toolbar

    Download & Install the Free Bring Me Sports™ Toolbar. It’s a free download with no adware and spyware.

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    Watch Sports On Your Web Browser

    Once you download the toolbar, simply scroll to the very top of your web browser and Select the sport you’d like to watch. It’s really that simple.

How To Watch Sports Online

Getting rid of your cable subscription doesn’t necessarily mean you end up marooned on the island of no sports ever. Streaming your favorite sports online is getting easier.

You can catch the most major leagues online like the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL. But the wondrous world of streaming opens up more possibilities for the sports addict. Streaming gives you intimate access to golf, tennis and even strange sports like curling.


If you do have a cable subscription and live in the US, check out WatchESPN. The site lets you stream your game or sport of choice to your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet live and free.

The only catch is once you click on the event you want to watch, the website will prompt you to sign in to your cable provider. This is extremely annoying if you don’t have cable. It is also extremely annoying even if you have cable, because you have to go through the sign-in process, which isn’t as user-friendly as it should be. Once you get in though, you have access to the ESPN network and their games, as far as your subscription allows.

SkySports is the international version of the ESPN streaming site, sans the cable subscription requirement. The site lets you stream international favorites like Formula 1, soccer, rugby, tennis, golf and even cricket.


If ESPN isn’t an option, you may want to meander over to the “darker” free stream side of the Internet.

Make sure your computer has Flash Player installed. If you own an Apple product that doesn’t support Flash, like the Apple iPhone or iPad you may want to install the free Puffin Web Browser app. This app will allow you to play Flash videos on a remote server.Without Adobe Flash, you will be dead in the water as most of these websites rely heavily on Flash.

Make sure you also have adequate virus protection. While the sites mentioned below are free of malicious viruses and software, the links you click may not be.


First Row Sports is usually your best bet for free NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB streams online. The site offers a varied selection of sports streaming links in high definition. This site puts links together for you to choose from, but be careful. Some links lead to nowhere!

You can find free streams for football, basketball, hockey and more on SportLemon.tv. The website aggregates multiple streams from around the world, without malware/spyware issues. You have access to dozens of live free streams from around the world. The downside here is that SportLemon carries a lot of European games. Perfect for the Liverpool fan, a major downside if all you want to do is catch the Cubs game.

A lot of their games are replays and its hard to catch a live stream for a US game. But, if you want to relax with a game you missed during the week or love international sports, this is the site for you.

If you’re not happy with Sportlemon’s selection, Wiziwig.tv is also another great free streaming site you should bookmark. The site carries streams for everything from the National Hockey League to UFC and MMA fights. Their excellent user interface lets you find what you need with one click. They also broadcast live games for everything from the NFL to Motocross.

The downside is that they use user-based streaming system once you actually click on the Play Now option. This means you have to go through dozens of FAQs, as well as a torrent download before you actually end up watching the game. Make sure you visit the site before the day of the game you want to catch.

VIPBox.tv is probably one of the best sites simply because of the sheer number of games they stream live. This includes games from the US, Europe and Asia, so you can catch that obscure sports team you just love to hate.

It’s best to have multiple sites open while you search for the game you want. You shouldn’t have a problem as long as you have a great Internet connection and a good graphic card. For that big game you’ve been waiting the whole year for, you may want to just head down to your favorite sports bar. But for the everyday game, streaming is definitely a great option.