How To Watch Sports Online


Itching for your daily sports fix? Too cheap for cable?

Free live streaming can be hard to find, but multiple websites do exist. If you want to save a few bucks, there are plenty of options around the Internet.

Make sure you set up your PC/device for optimum streaming. All you need is to download a torrent streaming program, make sure you have Flash enabled on your device and a high-speed Internet connection. The streaming experience really won’t work if you only subscribe to 700 kbps. It’s an exercise in frustration. Seriously. Get a broadband connection before you even attempt it. An IP (Internet Protocol) blocker may also be necessary, depending on the copyright laws of your country.

Watch at your own risk! Some links carry risky malware/spyware that can harm your computer. If you have a Mac, it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re not picky when it comes to your basketball, streams clips, games and highlights for free. Technically, if you sign up for the NBA League Pass, the streaming isn’t “free”. You have to pay a monthly fee for it. But, if you are a hardcore basketball fan and can’t wait for the upcoming playoffs, the League Pass gives you 24/7 access to live and archived games, players, interviews and shows.

For less than 4 bucks a months, it’s the closet to legal and free you can get. If money matters and you can’t stand to spend a cent, the best NBA free streaming channels are VIPbox.TV, ESPN (you need a cable subscription for this) and First Row. International streaming sites usually stream NBA games a day late — so mind those schedules.

Watching football for free is a bit trickier. You can listen (that’s right, listen) to any off-season or archived NFL game for free on the their site for free with the Audio Pass. Now, this is great for catching up with your favorite team or reliving great moments from the past years. It’s also great for undercover listening while at work. But it’s audio only. No live action, no high definition, just the commentators and your ears. All you have to do is sign up. It’s completely free.

While the NFL does provide a Game Pass, but it’s expensive ($39.9) and its only available to subscribers living outside of the U.S. So head on to, Sportlemon,com, and First Row to find good NFL streams. Sites like Sportlemon often direct you to a direct stream, but others will prompt you to download a torrent. WiziWig torrents are generally safe, but again, stream at your own risk.

Streaming directly from the NHL will cost you a pretty penny ($24.99 to $49.99), unless you’re lucky enough to score a promo code. Then you just have to deal with next year’s fees. But it can burn a hole in your pocket. Check out UStreamSports and Both have access to live or archived NHL streams, aggregated from sites all over the Internet. will often direct you to live TV stations broadcast online, so you get the entire experience.

Major League Baseball fans will probably feel disappointed at the rates for subscriptions (up to $129.99) a year, but MLB fans from all over the world enjoy streaming services from sites like — really the best choice for MLB. Someone behind that site is probably a baseball fan, because it even lists Japanese games!

Almost all of the sites mentioned above list international sports and games simply because they don’t have the same copyright restrictions as the US. Major sporting events are often broadcast for free all over the world, so check out sites like Skysports or country versions of international websites. They often broadcast games for free, but on the next day because of the time zone difference.

Keep an eye out for free streams for special events like the U.S. Open, the Olympics, Olympic qualifiers and more. Even legit websites sometimes stream high-impact games, highlights and more right on the site, or even on YouTube.

If you know where to go, you can watch sports online without spending a single cent. All you have to do is sit back, click and relax.